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Download Brutti, sporchi e cattivi

Buy Brutti, sporchi e cattivi dvd movie – 23 September 1976 release date – 1976 year – ratings: 7.7

Brutti, sporchi e cattivi poster

Stars: Nino Manfredi, Maria Luisa Santella, Francesco Anniballi

Country: Italy

Runtime: 115 min

Storyline: Four generations of a family live crowded together in a cardboard shantytown shack in the squalor of inner-city Rome. They plan to murder each other with poisoned dinners, arson, etc. The household engages in various forms of sexual idiosyncrasies, land swindles, incest, drugs and adultery.



4 comments on Download Brutti, sporchi e cattivi

  1. Coleman
    May 20, 2013 at 5:58 pm (921 days ago)

    I’ve seen parts of the movie when I was a child today, I had the pleasure of having a second chance to see it. I took a chance … I am a person or love cinema in general, it can be more independent, but keeping attention to the company’s products … The film is a pungent, powerful blow to the modern society … In his first was also in this state … But today, the film oscillates between the tragic and the comic genre, with a sensitive eye … Very funny … Highly dramatic … The eye finds it ironic that gives Scola of European civilization, the ability to survive, as in extreme conditions (poverty, hunger, lack of hygiene), humans have the ability to preserve the values ​​purity, humor, fantasy ? And without fear in the fight against the dark side of man, be violent, amoral, putting aside the fear of upsetting First hearing? Etore runs a brilliant calendar in the management of drama and comedy? More will take place in this discussion, but I do not want to risk survey (more?) Pretentious?. One of my favorite movies … Ate Ja … PS: I apologize for the quality of my written English …

  2. Clair
    May 20, 2013 at 5:58 pm (921 days ago)

    If you ask me what is the second best film of all time, it is difficult to say. But if you ask me what is the best movie of all time, no doubt. Ugly, dirty, evil is the final masterpiece. If you are not in Italy, does not agree … is fun, but deep and adults. What do we have today?
    Spielberg. Foreign child friendly. Capable of transforming a gigolo Android into a Disney character (AI Kubrick) James Cameron: his films are a collection of images. Super production hides the fact Comics Quentin Tarantino movie. Just Hype. Robert Zemeckis: for all ages
    those who saves the day: “Tim Burton, Scorsese (Hugo forget), Polanski, Clint Eastwood. Not to mention those who have succeeded. Kubrick, Nicholas Ray, Sam Peckinpah, and many other

  3. Deborah
    May 20, 2013 at 5:58 pm (921 days ago)

    Italy 1970. A miserable house built in the poor suburbs of the city. The whole family lives there, and the only one who has the money is the father, tired and jealous guardian of his treasure. No value, not moral different from envy and greed. No love lost both father lives in constant fear of being robbed by her own children, until he falls in love with a stranger and needed in the crowded house in the same bed with his wife. A terrible picture of the cruel life of the poor, who are rejected by basic human dignity. Uncomfortable and unfair, this film can not watched without revolt against the unilateral director who has just painted the dark side of a subtler reality. What exactly Ettore Scola has tried to achieve with such a Manichean?

  4. Noe
    May 20, 2013 at 5:58 pm (921 days ago)

    Nino Manfredi big stars in this hilarious and brutal of a family of bacteria as degenerate slum occupants on the outskirts of Rome, black comedy. Manfredi is the aging patriarch and misanthropic miser who has a secret treasure of the money that jealously guards. He despises his wife and children idiots who try to steal his hiding place and try to kill him by poisoning his macaroni. I really do not believe this wonderful epitome of crude oil until you see with your own eyes. It’s “Italian comedy” full force.