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Download Salsa

Buy Salsa dvd movie – July 1988 release date – 1988 year – ratings: 4.3

Salsa poster

Stars: Draco Rosa, Rodney Harvey, Magali Alvarado

Country: USA

Runtime: 98 min

Storyline: Fatherless barrio Puertorican Rico is a menial car mechanic by day, but lives for the nights, when he dances and dates hot dancing girls, cockily convinced the title of Salsa king in fancy nightclub La Luna's upcoming contest is to be his. He encourages his best friend, courteous gentleman Ken, to date his sister Margarita so he gets a free hand with her flirtatious classmate Lola. The reigning salsa queen Luna's interest in Ruco as dance-partner threatens his on-off relationship with Vicki. More jealous trouble follows when Ken and Margarita fall in true love.



5 comments on Download Salsa

  1. Freeman
    April 27, 2013 at 8:48 pm (945 days ago)

    I just want to say that the sauce is a very good movie .. the best dance movie Dirty Dancing is still .. and the sauce is as follows .. moves .. it `s sensual .. allows you wanna be in the movie! !

  2. Earnest
    April 27, 2013 at 8:49 pm (945 days ago)

    Oh, dear … Robby Rosa? No, no, no. How do these things happen? Can not sing, can not act (worse than his singing, mind you). The story is not so bad and I think that Rodney Harvey beautiful appearance in this film is that it is much more likely to remember! There are many Salsa here to help you stay interested. Not far from a movie of 4 stars, but if you like this kind of music should be fun for you. Robby Rosa came from prepubescent Latin group Menudo. (God, come to our help.) Rodney Harvey was a Calvin Klein model, who later died relatively young (God rest his soul). Sexy ladies are here. If you feel the music and you love to dance, you probably have a good time with the sauce.

  3. Norberto
    April 27, 2013 at 8:49 pm (945 days ago)

    Salsa is a great movie for anyone who loves to dance. The film is great.I love. Robi Rosa (Rico), Rodney Harvey (ken), and the girls were great. It ‘s like to be in Puerto Rico when you watch this movie.I still look at it and I still love salsa If you still have’nt seen it then I recommend you do.The film is excellent.

  4. Raquel
    April 27, 2013 at 8:49 pm (945 days ago)

    Salsa is great for someone who loves Puerto Rico, Salsa, or just listen to music imposing. It ‘was my favorite movie as a kid. Being Puerto Rican, all aspects of the culture I was excited. I always wished I could have someone who loves me so much in the film that is loved. I also had a little crush on Kenny. .. . Which I can not believe he died in 1998! I mean, how the hell did I did not notice! In any case, this film is highly recommended. The music is absolutely amazing, and you could just find yourself wanting to just get up and dance while watching TV. Every time you recommend it to friends Salsa today, they just fall in love with it.

  5. Johnnie
    April 27, 2013 at 8:49 pm (945 days ago)

    I’m not kidding, I think it can be scientifically proven that if you make a hole in this film, it will collapse as the air comes out of it. There is no conspiracy. I suspect that there has been carelessly recycled from the images far superior, honestly, why is this even a movie? The reason it was done is clear: the song and dance, both of which are fairly abundant in this (and I am not at all the person to ask if everything is okay, but probably yes, because it was the basis for putting this whole thing for begin with). Why not just do it, I do not know, music videos, or something? They had nothing to say, there is no real point of this, is literally all assembled around above objective, and * watch *, in the worst way. The publishing and film are pretty standard at best. We get a protagonist quite intolerable (well, they are all, is the biggest offender, though), a Michael Jackson wanna-be, not charisma, barely moving, and Elvis is irritating. There is a bit ‘of competition, and not really worry about it? She wants to be famous for its … is that the version Hispanic to be a player or a rapper cart? This was not a single laugh to be found in the 100 slow, boring, painful minutes that it takes time. There is convincing romance. In addition, eye-candy for both sexes. If it is somewhat more convenient to rent a series of instructions sauce DVD or something, I guess his life is in some way validated. It is the language a bit ‘charming and mild to moderate in this. I recommend this only to those who are not interested, or appearance, any value of it which concerns the film industry. 1/10